Stars Hollow, Here we Come!

Introducing the newest Spartickes Dyes yarn club!!  When my son was born in March 2003, I used to wake up early for feedings.  Connor Night and I would cuddle and fall asleep on the couch while Josh went to work.  Besides the obvious reasons, I would really look forward to this time because I would always watch two tv shows: Dawson's Creek followed by Gilmore Girls.

Both of these shows hold a special place in my heart, but the release of all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix has me re-living my Connor cuddles (in my mind, they are rarely in real-life anymore!) and once again becoming addicted to these fast-talking, pop-culture quoting, coffee addicts.  I've already designed two colorways based on these characters:



I really want to celebrate the joy these two witty ladies bring to my life, so I'm doing a yarn club!!  This yarn club requires audience participation.  For this six month club, I will send an email at the beginning of each month giving you the choice between two Gilmore Girls quotes that have inspired two different colorways.  You choose which quote and which yarn base you prefer (Will and Grace Sock, 80% superwash merino/20% nylon or Joss Whedon Worsted, 100% superwash merino), with the option to have both.  If you don't want to have to pick, I'll surprise you!

Each month is $31, which includes domestic shipping.  You have the option of paying month to month, due by the 5th of each month, 3 months at a time $87 due on January 5th and $87 due on April 5th (that's a $12 discount) or a one time payment of $171 ($15 discount), due by January 5th.  

I will send out the quote email around the first of each month and will need replies by the 7th or you will automatically be surprised.  I will aim to get all the yarn club shipments out my door by the 24th of each month.

One more thing!  Because I love all things Gilmore Girls, I also want to make some Gilmore Girls themed project bags!  If you would like one, just click "yes" on the form and make your first payment by December 21, 2014.  The fabric won't say Gilmore Girls, but it will be based on one of the character's passions.  The bags are large (can hold a sweater's worth of yarn) and completely reversible.

Ready to sign up?  Fill out this form.  The first 20 club members are guaranteed a spot.  Depending on how many sign up, I might have to do a random drawing to keep my numbers manageable.  

Sign ups close on Saturday, December 27th.  

With that, I leave you, because UNLIKE Loralie Gilmore, my babbling capabilities are NOT infinite, unless I've had an awful lot of wine...